What About Bob?

Bob's going to try to write this so it sounds cool in third person, even though it's him writing it... okay, here we go!

Bob started out on the accordion (yes, you heard right) as a child prodigy, playing concerts with adults all over southern California. This continued right up until about the time puberty kicked in, when it was clear the accordion was a deal killer.  Nobody needs that kind of social challenge as a hurdle to get to the girls.    Enter his first acoustic guitar, bought in a pawn shop in the 7th grade.  He's been playing ever since, and started singing in early adulthood (took him some years to shake the vocal jitters otherwise known as fear).   He joined forces with Mike Massaro, Chris Ryals and Sluggo in 1996, and the Bob Thompson Band took flight, whose ride was highlighted by a 2 week gig in Shanghai, China as their CD Living for a Living was released in 1997.  The BTB played Tampa Bay clubs for 15 years and Bob now primarily plays as a soloist, something he very much enjoys the intimacy of.  Having played in over 40 Tampa Bay Clubs, Bob is at home on stage and now plays private and corporate events and home concerts, often incorporating comedy and great story telling for local crowds who "enjoy great music played with soul." 

Bob's shows are compelling because of how he puts everything into each and every song.  His use of dynamics and powerful rhythmic grooves create this sacred space inside of which a song can be fully expressed as his.  Whoa, that's heavy!   One fan said it best: "When Bob plays a cover, he adds his own style - I've never heard these tunes played this way before!"