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Bob Wins (Rotary District 6890) American Idol Contest! 

Here I am performing alongside Belinda Womack and her band - one of the prizes of winning the American Idol competition. 
My face says I'm bringin' it, no?

Bob Leans into a note with Belinda Womack

Yes, I crossed that off of my bucket list!!  I'd always wanted to sing a harmony part to Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me", so I asked Belinda if her band knew it and they did indeed.  Then she had us jam on a blues riff, and we made up our own words on the spot.  No, I wasn't expecting to make up lyrics in the moment!

We marvel at the spontaneous lyrics we just sang!

Bawb's Mewsik Blawg 

Played my first private party gig since starting this site.  Was for Valerie who was celebrating her 50th Birthday in New Tampa.  Great party, great crowd, and AMAZING live music.  ( ;

I love how everything you do leads to something else.  Stay tuned for a date or two at Ella's one of my favorite restaurants in Tampa - dates forthcoming.  Thanks Gary Nager!  Great to run into you guys at the party!